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The Right Food Packaging Makes Take-Out Easy

Many companies that make food packaging assume that customers want bright, flashy boxes for products that will be sold in grocery stores. While this type of packaging is important for some businesses, there are thousands that have no need for it. Instead, they need packaging that will work for direct food service operations.

In most cases, these food service businesses pack up food on the spot so their customers can take it away with them. The packaging doesn't need to be anything fancy because the person is already standing at the counter and has placed an order. Therefore, any impulse buying has already happened. Now, all the food service business needs is something basic to put the person's order in.

Because of this, the type of food packaging used has very different characteristics than what is used for grocery store sales. Boxes are plain and easy to open. Often, they are made of cardboard, which helps to ensure that any litter will biodegrade over time. When the food is too wet for cardboard, plastic boxes must be used instead. A cafeteria or other eatery may have many sizes of both cardboard and plastic boxes in stock so that it's easy to pack up any order.

Some types of food packaging work better with the types of food sold in kiosks or at sporting events. One that everyone will recognize is the hot dog tray. This lets the server give the customer something sturdier and easier to hold than just a paper. The tray style is also needed for hot dogs that are served with plenty of extras.

If you run any sort of take-out style food establishment, be sure you have plenty of these types of packaging. Your customers will be glad to avoid trying to hold hot food in flimsy wax papers.


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