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Compatible with All Coffee Cups (361043, 361045, 361047, 361143, 361145, 361147, 361149, 361203, 361205 & 361207)

- Sustainably sourced kraft food packaging product. 

- ECO Friendly and Compostable.

- FSC & Food Grade Certified. 

This carrier does NOT have a PE lining which makes it more eco-friendly.  It is recyclable if unsoiled by food and is compostable as “brown” material.  (Compost requires a balance of “green” and “brown” materials to create the perfect eco-system for composting to occur).   We recommend breaking this item into small pieces for optimal composting.

Useful for take away food options. 

Bulk Carton Buys Also Available - Contact us for all your bulk needs

Cup Holder 4 cup Pulp each

SKU: 361285
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